The purpose of a breeder referral service is to aid in the appropriate placement of carefully bred and healthy puppies into good homes.  Puppies are adorable, but they grow up quickly.  Our members can provide information about the breeds we know and love; helping you to make an informed decision about adding a new dog to your family.  We can answer questions like:   How big will this puppy get?  Is this breed good with children?  Will he require a lot of exercise?  Any of our members in good standing with CIKC, Inc. may be listed on the club’s breeder referral list.  Requests for information on breeds other than those our members have may be referred to the Mattoon Kennel Club, the Dog Training Club of Champaign-Urbana, the Sandemac Kennel Club and the AKC breeder referral web site.

It is highly recommended that you thoroughly research the breed you are interested in acquiring.  There are some useful ways to do that in addition to the usual library search.   Look on-line for the “parent club” for the breed in question.  The parent club for each breed will have all kinds of information and resources available to you including, particulars on the breed, breeder referral, and rescue information for their breed.  Attend area dog shows, where you can see quality dogs, and ask questions of breeders and handlers for the breed you like.  Look at for breed specific information, and guidelines to finding a reputable breeder.  All of these means will assist you in your search for the right dog. 

Be prepared to bring your puppy home to the perfect environment for his development.  The time you are able to spend in the first critical months of your puppy's life will make all the difference in his adapting to your family and becoming a canine good citizen.  We encourage you to take your puppy to training classes.  Even a basic obedience class will show you how to communicate with your new best friend and get your relationship off to a great start.  A dog is a life-long commitment.  Avoid making an impulsive decision to take home a cute little puppy.  Educate yourself about the breeds so that you choose a dog that you will be happy living with for a dozen or more years.  Pick a reputable breeder that has made every effort to provide you with a puppy that is sound in body and mind.  Then arrange to spend the time necessary to train your dog so that he can only succeed in becoming the companion you desire.  It is all up to you, but his well-being and his life may very well depend on how well you plan for your new dog. 

Our members have occasional litters of puppies available.  We always have the time and passion to share information about our beloved breeds with others.