Our Club

Champaign Illinois Kennel Club

We are an all-breed AKC kennel club located in East Central Illinois.  Our membership is dedicated to promoting purebred dogs and activities throughout the community.   We welcome all dog enthusiasts to browse our site and learn more about us. 

CIKC Club Objectives

1.       To encourage and promote the quality breeding of pure-bred dogs and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection;

2.       To do all in its power to protect and advance the interest of all breeds of pure-bred dogs and to encourage sportsmanlike conduct at all dog shows and/or related events;

3.       To conduct sanctioned matches, dog shows/and or trials under the rules of the American Kennel club;

To promote the training and breeding of purebred dogs; to disseminate knowledge regarding training. To conduct classes for the training of dogs and their handlers; to encourage the training of judges; to encourage and co-operate with individuals / other groups with similar purposes;to promote cooperation and good sportsmanship among its members in the training and exhibition of dogs.

Our History

The CIKC has a long history of providing the Champaign-Urbana, IL area with AKC Dog Shows, Training Classes, and Breeder Referrals. Through the years, the CIKC has been instrumental in assisting various dog-oriented organizations, whether it be the Humane Society, the Champaign Police K-9 Corp. or sending funds to helpK-9 victims of  hurricanes, tornados or floods.           

Memories of our club...

A CIKC History account from Betty Dexter:      
"I came to this country in 1947 and joined the club around '50 -'52.  I am not sure if it was in existence before the war or not - I tend to think not."  "Am pretty sure that Hortense Harris (Alloy Engineering and Casting) was a Charter member, and probably George and Margret Curzon." "The first show after I joined was held in the Urbana, IL Armory- think we had a couple there. Then we had a couple in a hanger at Chanute AFB, Rantoul. Ithink after that we started using the Champaign County Fairgrounds and have used them ever since."  "Jackie Harrington has all the old photos - I used to take them to the show most years, don't know if she still does or not. They go back quite a few years, and the older people at the shows love to look at them."  "That's about all the help I can think of right now -hope it helps a little........just realized that I didn't give you the year that I think the club started!!!   It was after the war, I would think it was around '46 or '47." - Betty Dexter


Club Officers

President                       Merle Taylor                                Vice-President                        Elise Singer

Treasurer                       Caroline Taylor                            Corresponding Secretary         Pat Brown

Recording Secretary      Sylvia Lofrano

Board Members 

Colleen Woodcock                 Cynthia Nichols                    Lori Yotter             Robin Haggard 

CIKC Club Members

Pat Brown                              Delbert Dahl                           Van Dukeman                 

Jean Fleming                          Letha Gast                              Robin Haggard               Jackie Harrington         

Sylvia Lofrano                       Cynthia Nichols                      Sheila Parish                   Elise Singer                                            

Merle Taylor                          Carolyn Taylor                        Kenny White                  Colleen Woodcock

Lori Yotter